Customer service for the mobile generation.

Customer service should be easy

Today there is an app for everything.

Mobile users use their smartphones for shopping, navigation, games, and now customer support.

Customer service should be frictionless, seamless, and efficient.

Unfortunately, it isn't

Customers have to leave their apps to make a call, start a chat, or send an email.

Customer frustration leads to lost sales, poor reviews, and low customer retention.

Cingo is here to change that

We provide the technology to engage with your customers in real time via messaging, rich chat, voice, and video - all within your own app.

Conversations can seamlessly transition from chat to voice to video and even from mobile to desktop.

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How It Works

Cingo Applications

Don't have an app? That's okay, you can use ours.


Check out our customer facing web app.





Check out our customer facing web app.


*Coming Soon

Integration Options

Cingo API

Utilize the Cingo API to build native support in your mobile apps.

Mobile SDK

Integrate Cingo support right into your mobile app using our SDK.


Rich Chat

Featuring online chat, offline messaging, and file attachments.

Never ask a customer to spell out their name or read out a serial number again.

It is as simple as sending a text message or sharing a photo.

Free Voice and Video

Eliminate telephony charges. Get more for less.

Customer having trouble describing an item? Simply ask them to turn on video.

Calls go directly to the mobile app in high definition audio

Geolocation Services

Always know where your customers are.

Whether it's dispatching a tow truck for roadside assistance, or a service expert to help with a home installation, we make it easy for you.

Every home address is marked on the map, and every message is geotagged.

Maximum Efficiency

Customers schedule a callback time or joins the queue.

A customer writes a short description of their problem and chooses a time when they are free to be contacted.

In the mean time, the expert reviews the request and figures out the solution before initiating conversation, saving everyone's time.

No Data? No Problem

Traditional telephony backup.

Is your customer having internet service issues? Or perhaps on a limited data plan?

No worries, we always prepare for the worst.

State-of-the-Art Analytics

Our dashboard makes it easy to see the big picture.

To provide the best customer service, it is vital to always know what's going on.

Analyze the performance of individual experts, identify high call volume periods, and review customer sentiment.


Scheduling / Queueing

Improve customer satisfaction by reviewing issues before contacting them.

Rich Chat

Allow customers to take a photo or attach any file within the chat.


Every note, message and call is geo tagged. Know where your customers are before you contact them.

Offline Messaging

Contact your customer even when they are not online, no need for emails going to potential black holes.

Video Calling

If your customer needs help with an installation, just ask them to turn on video.

Full History

Call transcription and chat message logging allow for future review of past requests.

Free VoIP Calling

Eliminate telephony charges by calling directly to the mobile app in high definition audio.

Cost Reduction

Save time and money by reducing call length, converting calls to chats and chats to offline messages.

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  • Chat & Messaging
  • Voice & Video
  • Screensharing
  • Scheduling & Queueing
  • Voice Recordings
  • Web Integration
  • iPhone & Android SDKs
  • Cingo App & White Label App
  • Zendesk & Guru Integration
* Cingo is Free for Non-Profits

Per Expert

First Expert Free & Unlimited Requests
$50 / Expert*

Up to 10 Experts

$48 / Expert*

10 - 99 Experts

$45 / Expert*

100+ Experts

First Expert Free & Unlimited Requests
* Per Month

Per Request

100 Requests Free & Unlimited Experts
$0.10 / Request

100 - 1K Requests

$0.08 / Request

1K - 50K Requests

$0.05 / Request

50K+ Requests

100 Requests Free & Unlimited Experts

Our Team

Kobus Marneweck

Founder & CEO

Kobus Marneweck

With a BS in Electrical Engineering, MBA in Advanced Technology, and 20 years experience in Marketing and Software Management, Kobus drives the vision for creating customer service for the mobile generation.

Naveen Karamchetti

Co-founder & CTO

Naveen Karamchetti

Previously a senior developer at and a leading financial institution in London, Naveen is an expert in Agile, creating APIs, and many languages. He has a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Software Engineering.

Ardy Kamdani

Software Engineer

Ardy Kamdani

Ardy is a University of Texas at Austin alumnus with a BS in Computer Science. Ardy's main focuses in creating a 21st Century customer service experience have been fleshing out the Cingo WebApp and creating our intelligent assistant, Corain.

Young Song

Software Engineer

Young Song

Young is the second of three University of Texas at Austin graduates on the Cingo team. When it comes to building our iOS and Android apps, Young is our guy and has put his BS in Computer Science to good use.

Nick Virden

Software Engineer

Nick Virden

Nick, the third Longhorn on the Cingo team, is a business-major-turned-full-stack-developer whose primary focuses at Cingo include this website's UI development, testing automation, and backend development.